This dish is the reason why I could never be vegan. If ever you’re thinking of giving up dairy, this risotto – a celebration of dairy and cows named Buttercup and fresh farm milk – will quickly disabuse you of that notion.

Risotto con Latte (Risotto with Milk) is sublime. When I tasted it, the first mouthful actually brought tears to my eyes. It was that good. Continue Reading »


Wait. Am I even allowed to use the words “crazy ass”? Will this mean people who are looking for really kinky anal action are going to start visiting my site? Oops, I shouldn’t have used the phrase “really kinky anal action”, I guess, if I wanted to make it through the various porn filters without getting blocked… Oh golly gosh, and now I’ve used the word “porn”, too.

Sigh. Face it, folks. You are now reading obscene material.

And while I’ve got your grandma running scared, I should also say: really sorry about the post hiatus, to all four of my regular readers out there. Last week got a bit hectic and while I kept intending to blog, I never quite got there. Continue Reading »

I know, I know. You’re looking at the title and going, wait a sec, you have the audacity to post a recipe for cauliflower and cheese?

Let’s just say that cauliflower is not my favourite vegetable. It probably isn’t yours either. I have spent years of my life buying not one single head of cauliflower all through the winter. Why should I bother with this monstrous white lump of a flower when there are so many far tastier and better looking veggies out there? Even broccoli is a darn sight better on a winter’s eve, and butternut, of course, is everyone’s darling. Continue Reading »

For years I pored over the glossy photos and beautiful images from my mother’s Asia The Beautiful cookbook. Years, I tell you, during which she never once cooked a single dish from this glorious tome, despite receiving it as a Christmas present once upon a time.

Finally, a few years ago, after I’d moved out and developed a liking for Asian food, and, I flattered myself, a certain level of stylishness in the kitchen, I gathered up the courage to ask her for this book.

And in all that time I have cooked exactly one recipe from it. Partly it’s because I became a vegetarian shortly after acquiring it, and nearly every recipe in it contains meat. But it’s also because it’s easy to fall into a rut of reaching for a favourite cookbook or simply cooking up what you know already. And I’ve found myself cooking more Italian and less Asian, out of habit more than anything else.

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So a while back, Lotti asked me to post a photo of the carpets I brought back from Tunisia.

That’s the one carpet above, a traditional North African design.

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I spent last week attending UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany, with a group of journalists from developing countries.
And although I’m a negotiations junkie – because I love the political manoeuvring and cloak-and-dagger stuff that goes on – the best part was meeting my colleagues. Continue Reading »

Hello all

I just did a quick search for “lettuce desire” and found this instead, which I thought was rather cute and worth a post.

(Via http://yarnstorm.blogs.com/jane_brocket/2010/06/lettuce-design.html)

One day when I have a vegetable garden I’ll do the same.

Dear Lotti, I saw your request for a carpet photo. Coming tomorrow. With gorgeous shoes.